Friday 24th & Saturday 25th March 2023
Hackney, East London


Youth East Conference 2023 is our annual conference for 11 – 18 youth, hosted by SAINT. Following a week of evangelistic mission into East London Schools, we will kick off the weekend on Friday night with an incredible concert from OTC, where we can invite our school friends and mosh in our new merch. Then on the Saturday, we will gather back together for a day of celebration, inspiration and equipping young people to live life with Jesus.
See full details in our programme below. 

To see young people Encounter Jesus through worship; finding healing, freedom and passion for God. 

To facilitate spaces of engaging Evangelism, where young people can invite their friends where the good news of Jesus is on display in an honest, simple and relatable way. 

To see young people and youth groups Empowered to be all God has called them to be; individuals alive and youth groups flourishing, multiplying and growing. 


Youth East is a unity movement; gathering churches, youth groups and young people from across East London and beyond. Our vision is to see the tide of youth ministry rise where we live; young people alive and youth groups flourishing. We think Jesus is the best news ever, and together as local youth leaders we want to see young people across a region get to know Him.


Youth East is led by a group of local East London Youth Leaders:

Samuel Taylor (SAINT)
Michael Hepworth (St Paul’s Shadwell)
Renatha Hoga (St John’s Hoxton)
Hannah Luke (City of Peace Community Church)
Ben Rawding (CCSpits)
Greg Dawson (SAINT) 

What’s Youth East like? 

Take a look at our highlights from our July gathering:

Why Youth East Conference?

Imagine the best times you’ve ever had in a church. A whole weekend to worship wholeheartedly & have unbelievable fun, make new friends & be inspired. Do you ever feel like you want your passion to be ignited? Do you long for the reality of God? What about a space you could invite friends to experience faith, and allow faith to grow your experience? And through it all, laughing together, crying together, dancing together, dreaming together and praying united for the place we live and the people we love, all together as the youth from East London.

Ultimately, we’re running this conference because of a bursting love! For the love of youth, for the love of Jesus, for the love of it! Love is the answer to the deepest of issues, desires, and fears in our young people, and it’s in love that we want to see young people grow and thrive through a relationship with Jesus. So we’ll be a community together for 14 hours, we’ll worship our heavenly father, we’ll listen to His scriptures and pray for transformation. 

Where is Youth East Conference taking place?

Youth East Conference will be taking place across two days in two locations. Friday 24th of March we will gather in Hackney Church (E5 0PD) for the beginning of Youth East Conference and opening session. After that, you’ll head home or to a friends house for a nights sleep. Then on Saturday 25th March we’ll gather together for day 2 of Youth East Conference at Homerton Church (E9 6RT). 

What should I bring?

Most importantly yourself, probably followed by some friends. Youth East Conference is primarily a gathering of youth groups, so get in contact with your youth leader at your local church and get a group to come.

You could also bring some food with you for lunch and dinner slots, as we won’t be able to provide food for you. But there are also brilliant local amenities including M&S, Sainsbury’s, McDonalds and lots more. 

What is Squad Games?

You. Ain’t. Ready.

Every young person is allocated a Squad. Your people, your comrades, brothers and sisters in a games to end all games. Think Squad facepaint, flags, mascots and champions. Through the conference competition will be had, games will be won, and one Squad will reign victorious in East London with the spoils of their victory. 

What if I don’t know anyone?

Firstly we’d encourage you to get in contact with your local church and see if you can gather a group to come to Youth East Conference. If you are still only able to come by yourself, then let us know and we’ll be happy to get to linked up to a youth group we already know are coming. Please email us 

Can I come by myself?

No. Every young person will be required to be accompanied by a youth leader or adult guardian at Youth East Conference who has purchased their own ‘Youth Leader’ ticket. This youth leader or adult guardian will be responsible for you during your time at Youth East Conference. 

Safeguarding at Youth East Conference 2023

Youth East Conference 2023 will be fully safeguarded by a dedicated team throughout the event. We have a robust risk assessment in place and a trained safeguarding team to make sure that every young person is able to enjoy a safe and caring environment. The responsibility of each young person on their way to and from Youth East Conference, and it’s venues, is to be held by their designated youth leader or guardian. We also ask that while at Youth East Conference and inside it’s venues youth leaders and guardians take primary responsibility for the overall wellbeing of each young person they are responsible for.

If you have any particular safeguarding questions, then please email